Clare Hua


Clare is an Artist and Visual Storyteller from NYC, currently residing in Las Vegas.

An artist over 20 years in the making, Clare began pursuing drawing and digital illustration from a young age, all the while taking notes from her father Li, a master of traditional media. Clare's work explores her love for all things fantasy and sci-fi—pulling inspiration from her favorite graphic novels, video games, and movies. She focuses on character creation, and ultimately aspires to create worlds and stories that engage both the heart and mind.

In her off time, Clare can be found playing video games, training at her MMA gym, playing ukulele (poorly), and dreaming about her next big piece. Her favorite games include the Mass Effect trilogy, the Dragon Age franchise, The Witcher 3, and Overwatch. 

Clare is currently working on commissions and a graphic novel. Clare's work is possible through sales, commissions and private donations.  If you wish to donate to Clare, please use the link below.

Photo by: Jun Shena

Photo by: Jun Shena